Survivor Home to Tested and Proven, Productive, Gentle, (1) Survivor Queens with Hygienic Behaviors and with High Year to Year Survival Rates and (2) Daughters of Full VSH Queens (Harbo Bee Company, John Harbo) mated to Isolated Survival Drones having same genetics. VSHxCarolina Survivor Queens Pricing Sheet

This website is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION but the queens now for sale are real.

Send me an Email with your VSH/Survivor Honeybee Questions.  I will reply within 2 to 4 days if you are truly interested in our honeybee queens developed over a period of 17 plus years with superior genetics including, VSH/SMR, Minnesota Hygienic, Russian and other races and traits all while in isolation on 650 plus acre sites. I and my Hives have been both Chemical and Pesticide Free for over 10 years with average survival rates greater than 86% in 8 of 10 years (68% and 82% in 2 of 10). For those of you that are interested in VSH Survivor Queens the VSH Survivor Queens that we sell carry at least 50% of the VSH traits and that is enough per Dr. John Harbo to control Varroa. Please see: for more information on Dr. John Harbo and Harbo Bee Company. Dr. Harbo was the co-discoverer of the SMR/VSH trait and did the majority of the VSH Research at the USDA-ARS Honeybee Research Station at Baton Rouge, LA until he retired.


Our Christmas To the End of January 2017 Sale!

Help Start the New Year with 30% Off All Our 2017 Survivor Honeybee Queens Prices Below. Either T-1 or T-2 queens: Either our VSH F-1 Carolina Survivor Queens or/both our Nortons Carolina Survivor Queens with Free USPS Express Mail for orders totaling more than $200.00. Please note that to reserve your queen (s) a 30% deposit is required via check or money order with the balance due a week prior to your Shipping Date). I will soon have PayPal Buttons added or you can go to and credit my email account(s) below.

Example: Our Nortons Carolina Survivor Tier-1 queens now for sale at the regular 2017 price of $ 40.00 are now on sale for 30% off ($40.00 x0.7) or $28.00 each. S&H via USPS Express Mail is $26.00 for up to 8 queens or via USPS Priority Mail for up to 8 queens is $8.50; add $16.00 if you prefer your queens shipped in a Battery Box with attendants outside the queen cages.


Full Shipping and Handling information is at the bottom of this page.

 The Christmas To The End Of January 2017 Sale


 2017 Queen Order Sheet

[Queen Order Sheet: Print out then fill in the blanks for your manual order form]

Regular 2017 Carolina Survivor Queen Prices:

Your Choice of either our grafted VSH F-1 Carolina Survivor (Dr. John Harbo's pure VSH Breeder Queen's daughters ) or our own Nortons Carolina Survivor Breeder Queens from lines developed from over 17 years of enhanced and natural selection:

These two different type queens are open mated on an isolated campus with Feral Survivor Drones having VSH/SMR, Minnesota Hygienic, Russian, Italian and German Black genetics from over 17 years of natural selection from and within our mating yards with Drone Mother, and Breeder Queen hives on isolated 650 plus acre sites. During this period of over 17 years many of these hives swarmed and settled within the confines and borders of these large estates and later re-swarmed thus allowing the natural selection of the above traits help enhance natural survival trails as the "melting pot" matured over time very much like the Russian Honey bee in the Primorski Region of Russia. In addition to natural resistance to varroa and most honey bee disease as well as hygienic behavior the Carolina Survivor Queens are bred for honey production, having solid brood patterns, quick spring build-up, and gentleness.

Tier-1 = (42 days from Grafting) 

Tier-2 = (56 days from grafting)

ALL queens undergo the same series of inspections defining a Tier-1 queen. All Tier-2 queens continue additional inspections for an additional two weeks.  During this time your queen's first hatched brood will be inspected as well usually a day or two before she is pulled and shipped. Hatched brood having workers with Deformed Wing Syndrome disqualifies the mother and she is dispatched. Our inspected and selected Breeder Queens undergo even further testing.


Spring & Summer

Queen Prices

Available: Approx. First Wednesday for Shipping  T-1 Queens is April 11 or April 18, 2017

T-2 Queens 14 Days Later.


Order QTY


Spring & Summer

Until August 29, 2017


Price Total

Fall Prices


August 31 until Sept. 15-25 or sooner

QTY Total Fall Price





VSH F-1Carolina Survivor Tier-1

$   75.00



$  70.00




VSH F-1Carolina Survivor Tier-2

$ 115.00







Nortons Carolina Survivor Tier-1

$   40.00



$  30.00




Nortons Carolina Survivor Tier-2

$   75.00



$  65.00





Grand Total (Number of total queens to ship Spring-Summer &/or Fall)









All Survivor Queens are available only on a pre-order basis; that is until after they are fully established and passed all individual testing criteria for Tier-1 and when applicable Tier-2 performance as well as a visual pre-shipping inspection with magnification for all queens sold. Weather depending the scheduled date for our First Grafting of both our Carolina Survivor Queens and our VSH daughter queens is Monday, March 6 or 13, 2017 and the first shipments of Tier-1 queens are expected to ship six weeks later on April 18 or 24th provided we have good queen flying weather and sexually mature drones to coincide in late March and early April.

Our first shipment of Tier-2 queens is scheduled for two weeks later on May 9th. We plan to ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week thereafter until some time in early to mid September.

These Survivor Queens are your replacement queens and queens for splits that are very good honey producers having disease resistance, mite resistance, all with inherent gentleness that will survive winters all over the US from Oregon to Minnesota and Wisconsin to Vermont and Maine and from Wyoming to Florida to North and South Carolina each marked and numbered queen is tested and inspected and she will be culled if she does not meet our criteria for a Tier-1 Queen. We do not sell Seconds! And, for an additional two weeks with more inspections and testing including her hatched daughters undergo additional testing and analysis in order to qualify for a Tier 2 Queen. Each queen will be shipped with her 5-Frame Nuc ID Tag and a copy of her check-off list will be sent in regular mail. In addition we will give you a coupon for a 20% DISCOUNT on your next year's first queen purchase if you will consent to begin keeping records for at least 18 months with reporting each month (April to October) by email and a copy of the completed 18 month form to be returned by mail at the end of the 18 month period. In doing so we will give you a coupon for up to 10 queens of your choice at a discount of 60% off the advertised retail price. We need good honest feedback from our customers.



Shipping & Handling Information

 Shipping & Handling Charges (Prices Subject to Change):

      Quantity: 1-8: USPS Priority Mail, $8.50

     Quantity: 9-13: USPS Priority Mail, $11.50

     Quantity: 14-20: USPS Priority Mail, $17.95

     USPS Express (R) Mail  1-8,  $26.00

     USPS Express (R) Mail 9-18, $35.00

     UPS NEXT DAY 1-16, $75.00 

     FEDERAL EXPRESS Next Day 1-16, CALL or email carrier

     Note: Carrier's Tracking Number (s) will be sent to you on same day shipped via E-mail to Customer's E-mail address.



1.    We do not ship queens via  USPS, FEDX, UPS  Air Shipments  when daytime temperatures rise above or are forecasted at or above 90 degrees at point of shipment and/or at point of destination. If daytime temperatures are forecasted below 60 degrees we will delay shipment with customer concurrence or label package for "Pickup at Window".     

2.    We do not ship queens via USPS, FEDX, UPS Ground Shipments  when daytime temperatures rise above or are forecasted at or above 90 degrees at point of shipment and/or at point of destination or while in transit.

3.    There are times when the US Postal Service for whatever reason will not accept nor ship live animals via Priority Mail and the only alternative other than waiting is to use USPS Express Mail or ship United Parcel Service, UPS, if indeed UPS will accept shipment as they often have the same restrictions for shipping LIVE ANIMALS as the US Postal Service. (Knowing your cell number so that you may be contacted is required to ship via #3.)

4.    We do not pull queens in a steady or pouring rain. We ship our queens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and with special shipments on Thursdays: however we will not ship a    queen  if we derive from the carrier or strongly suspect that she may not be delivered by early Saturday afternoon.

5.    All queen shipments are transported to the designated carrier on the same day as when pulled unless when special circumstances, usually weather related, prevail and only when the customer requests or approves pulling the shipment that afternoon/evening before actual shipping.

6.    Shipping & Handling costs include postage, insurance, containers, labels, packing, packaging, transportation, logistics, and handling. 

7.    Each shipment will have a assigned Tracking Number by the carrier activated by the acceptance of the carrier and recorded into the carrier's tracking system with the customer being notified of same via email that same day.

8.    Please inspect your shipment immediately upon receipt and notify first the shipper/carrier then this office of any dead queens.

9.    Insurance is included and the customer is responsible for collection of any claims.

10.  Availability is always on a first come first serve basis defined by receipt of a minimal 25%deposit.

11.  ALL Shipping is designated FOB Reidsville, NC 27320  




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Note: I have hives in 7 to 11 different counties and that ranges from around 10 to over 20 different yards. I commute over 100 to 240 miles per day and I do not use the phone while actively working or driving so please leave a detailed message if you call or better still send an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.




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